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Our business developed out of a passion for woodworking. We started by making a few pieces for home. That led to interest from family then from friends. Soon the word started spreading and more orders were being received. This led to the family operated business we have today.


Here at Timber Bark Studio, we make fine timber furniture. We have a commitment to strive for the highest quality available. It is the fine details that we believe go into making furniture that is a work of art. No two pieces are the same. Some designs may be the same but the character of the wood makes each piece unique in their own way.




We make quality timber designs to cater for both commercial and domestic areas. We choose select grade timbers and use only the best products available.

We offer knowledge, a wide skillset and passion to craft each of our pieces. Collaborate with us on a design to get the result that you are after.


The ongoing process to learn new techniques and methods has led us to strive for perfection. Never settling for just ok, each piece must reach our high standards. We are not a large volume supplier, so each piece gets the time and attention it deserves to become a masterpiece.

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